What is Ilkmade all about?

Ilkmade is a social and professional platform that highlights conversations happening around specific topics in a particular field of work. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer to a field, Ilkmade helps you step into a space where people of your industry (your ilk) are sharing viewpoints and discovering new articles and events every day. Connect with others who do what you do, stay up to date with what they are reading and saying, and share links and ideas you think are interesting.

The birth of Ilkmade

Ilkmade’s founder, Rebecca Chen, earned her PhD in Political Science from the University of California in Berkeley. She worked in Germany, Italy, and Spain over several years as a researcher and teacher in European and Comparative Politics. But Rebecca sometimes felt unanchored in important discussions with peers farther away and policymakers outside of her immediate professional circles. And so, Ilkmade was conceived from her desire to expand connections and stay in tune with continually refreshing ideas and news in the world of Politics.

Pioneer ilk: Politics

Given Rebecca’s background, it makes sense that Ilkmade is launching with Politics — an industry defined by incredibly diverse groups of both knowledge producers and consumers. With this in mind, Ilkmade is very excited to build an important bridge between academics, practitioners, journalists, and policy experts in the field.