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Student of MA in International Relations with a European Perspective at University of Warsaw
#Immigration #Europe #UK 9 months ago

The UK has effectively become a dystopic police state, where victims of sexual assult, not perpetrators, are prosecuted and arrested, as part of a deliberate and sustained effort at deporting as many people as possible.


Woman reports rape to police - and is arrested on immigration charges

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9 months ago

I'm wondering if this is just a newly established practice or it has been coded somewhere in the British law. I think what May is doing reflects once more her contempt towards human rights and women, which I'm sure are the most affected by this practice. 

Emmanuel Gomez Farias Politics
Researcher at Public Asesores S.C.
9 months ago

The victim treated as a criminal and the state as witness to an unfair but above all shameful activity for a country that calls itself "civilized"

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9 months ago

This is why May's contempt for human rights is worrying. When we start seeing them as burdens or unnecessary constraints, we may be crossing a very dangerous line indeed.