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Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Central European University
We will be trying out an innovative class excercise with this course. Students will have to use one of the three 'Grand IR' theories (Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism) to argue about different readings of / analyze two exciting cases: UNDP resolution 1973, and the Apparent failure of the WTO. Any throughts? 


Looking forward to TA-ing 'Onternational Organizations, Past, Present and Future' with Wolfgang this semester.

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Jan Luedert Politics
Assistant Professor at City University of Seattle
6 days ago

Taking on particular debate issues (e.g. by adopting a particular theory) are useful excercises. I have tried to help students synthesize such material by offering a clear set of assumptions each theory takes on and how these actually map with the empirics in a given case. Once three student groups are ready to debate these cases you bring the class back together. Works effectively to help students appreciate the utility and breadth of IR theory in praxis. 

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