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What is Ilkmade Careers?

Building upon our Ilkmade foundation of real relationships and carefully curated content, we’re adding a new layer of professional development.

Ilkmade Careers is an online platform for professionals and students in the political space seeking to explore opportunities and build their career.

What We're Building

Ilkmade Careers is a hub for career optimization—with features that are tuned to build your confidence, our job search platform is just the beginning of something big.

Job Listing

Explore job listings for your next step. Ask questions and learn about positions at universities, non-profits, government roles, and more so that you can make the right move.

Career Mentoring

From live video roundtables to in-depth interviews, we provide expert career advice to give you an inside view and help you find your dream job.


Receive direct access to industry experts to get your most pressing career questions answered. Wondering how to find the right advisor? Looking for advice on what to do after your PhD? Ask away.

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Coffee Conversations

Each month on Coffee Conversations we host guests that shed light on their journey. No career anecdote is taboo; it’s about the lessons that you have learned and the advice you wish you would’ve gotten along the way. We hone in on those poignant conversations that only occur when we’re among our peers—our ilk.

The Articles

The Classifieds

The Classifieds illuminate how the pathway to success looks different for everyone. Digestible articles are written by industry experts and up-and-comers alike who answer questions submitted by our members. Professionals with varying levels of experience discuss the tough topics and reveal just how they overcame similar obstacles.

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Ilkmade Sessions

From post-graduate decisions to career transitions, we’ve been where you are. We created Ilkmade Sessions to offer mentoring and support for politics and International Affairs-focused students and professionals.

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