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Where to find International Relations jobs online?

If your goal is to work in international relations, job websites such as Monster, Indeed and Craigslist might prove to be unsuitable. For many young graduates, it can be though to navigate these career websites that do not seem to be tailored to their needs and expertise.

That is why we have come up with a list of key websites that can help you find the position you are looking for in more niche industries such as policy analysis, advocacy and development. The larger sites take time of sort through and still require more thorough research on each company or institution to see if you really qualify (or if the job description actually fits the job offered).



LinkedIn is a behemoth, but quite instrumental in finding employment opportunities. Many graduates will probably already have a LinkedIn profile, making the user experience a bit easier to tackle when job searching. Many employers and recruiters will visit your, so make sure that you effectively convey your skills and interests in a career in the field.



Glassdoor is a general careers website, but if you use the key term “Foreign affairs” when searching then you will find plenty of posts for international relations jobs. Glassdoor is also unique because it allows you to see reviews of previous candidates and employees. That way you can prepare yourself for the interview and you will already have an idea of the kind of salary, benefits and work culture to expect.



You want to change the world? Idealist is here to help. This website is devoted to positions in nonprofits, social enterprises and international organizations. You have the chance to look for both local and remote jobs and you have many filters to help you find your ideal position.



This website is totally dedicated to International Relations jobs and it posts ads from many different countries. Similar to some other sites, you should upload your CV in the chance that a employer or recruiter is looking for candidates.



If you are interested in international development, Devex is your best friend. Besides the job posts, it also offers many networking events and the chance to keep an updated professional profile open to employers.



Relief Web is critical to find positions within the humanitarian sector. Most humanitarian organizations post their jobs there and it is also a valuable resource to know where the current humanitarian crises are and what roles are needed at the moment.



UN Jobs only posts vacancies at UN institutions and other international organizations (such as WHO, the World Bank, IOM, etc.). Here, you will find jobs literally in every country in the world, saving you the trouble from searching for jobs in each UN agency and international organization separately. However, make sure you understand UN hiring policies, including if you need to already have taken an exam and/or have prior experience at the organization.



Global Jobs is a website dedicated to global professions. Here, you will find jobs related to foreign policy, humanitarian action, human rights and international development.



If your dream is to work in Geneva, one of the most important cities for international relations, then CAGI is particularly helpgul. The International Geneva Welcome Center has a page dedicated to job search and it features the vacancies of organizations based in Geneva, including UN agencies.



Similarly, to CAGI, EURACTIV displays vacancies in Brussels, one of the most important cities due to the amount of European Union institutions and interest groups in the area. If your dream is to work in Europe, Brussels is the gateway to all relevant European organizations and institutions.


Extra tips for finding job opportunities in international relations:

Many jobs never actually get posted on careers websites. Particularly in the case of smaller organizations, the lack of a large human resources department means they do not want the thousands of applications that a public vacancy online represents. That is why many organizations prefer to discreetly post job ads on their individual websites and social media – that way, they know that the people who are applying are already familiar with their work. So make sure to follow the organizations where you would like to work on Twitter and LinkedIn and pay attention!

Another tip is to join closed Facebook groups of your area. There are many groups for human rights jobs, for example, and employees of human rights organizations usually post job ads there. This is true for other sectors as well.

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