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How To Make Your Resume Stand Out During COVID


The pandemic is straining the job market and creating anxiety among job seekers. COVID has forced many organizations to adapt to a changing reality and, therefore, it has led them to seek out particular skills that demonstrate the resilience and determination of workers during difficult times.

If you are worried about being one more job seeker among thousands, here are a few suggestions to make sure your resume stands out in times of pandemic:

Show flexibility and adaptiveness

Make sure to present previous work or volunteer positions that demonstrate you are flexible and can adapt to different situations. For example, positions in different countries, organizations working in different sectors,  that time when you were self-employed or an entrepreneur – all of this demonstrates that you are capable of changing your habits and adapting to different working cultures. Now that organizations are constantly having to change how they work, flexibility and adaptiveness are key traits.

Feature your remote work skills

Do you know how to work with Zoom? How about Slack? Can you use the Google Suite? Now that everyone is dependent on shared drives to share information and video software to have meetings, it’s important to show your future employers that you will not need special training to work from home. Although some of these skills might seem obvious, the pandemic has clearly demonstrated that not all professionals are well-equipped to handle remote work, so make them visible on your resume.

Include what you have been doing during the pandemic 

If you can work during a pandemic, you can work through anything. So, even if you were not employed when the lockdowns started, try to show what else you were doing – online courses, volunteering, writing, gig economy. Resume gaps are often considered to be a red flag, so try to explain what you were doing when everyone was under lockdown.

Demonstrate effectiveness at time and resource management

The pandemic is forcing many organizations to cut costs, so you have to show how you can be an asset during difficult times. Managing time and resources is always important, but more so when both are scarce. If you had previous experiences when you managed to help organizations save money or showed workers how to use a tool that saved them time and energy, make sure to include that. Sometimes just teaching colleagues how to use a messaging app, or discovering a more accessible internet provider can make all the difference

Try to make your resume as clear and short as possible and use keywords!

Now that many people have unfortunately lost their jobs, the market will be overloaded with applicants. Hiring managers must receive hundreds of resumes for each position, so try to make their job as easy as possible. Look through the job advertisement, identify keywords (such as a specific software or soft skill) and include it in your resume. Do not add any extra information unless you can demonstrate your expertise at a particular skill, or a relevant achievement. 

If you are unsure of whether you should include all your work experience or education, research the organization and cross-check with the job advertisement. 

If you are applying for international positions, make sure to verify what is the norm in the country of the position regarding photos on resumes. It is frowned upon in the US, but it is almost impossible to get an interview in France without it. 

With these simple tips, your resume will be standing out in no time. If your job hunt takes longer than expected, keep working on improving your skills and growing your network. Eventually, your opportunity will come.

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