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Acquiring Skills During COVID-19 With Our Favorite Online Courses

Working and schooling from home have quickly become our new normal. This is also a good time as any to skill up. You can learn a language, devise a new syllabus, pick up a credential, or explore subjects that you’ve been putting off. Thankfully, there are many courses and opportunities available online at no cost (the paid ones are pretty cool too). Here are some of our favorites. 

One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn)

UN CC:Learn is a joint initiative of more than 30 multilateral organizations with a mission to help achieve climate initiatives and general climate literacy. There are a myriad of free courses on climate change and the green economy that take range from 30 minutes to 8 hours long. After taking the course, some provide a certificate of completion that you can proudly add to your CV. 

Harvard University

Harvard University offers a long list of free and paid courses that you can filter based on field, start date, duration and degree of difficulty. Web programming, Nonprofit financial accounting, and Policy design are just a few of the courses that might pique the interest of our Ilkmade community. Think of these courses as stepping stone towards your next project or career path. 


Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is trusted learning platform with over 2,400 free online courses from 140 leading institutions worldwide. Members include the most well-known universities, non-profits, corporations, and international organizations. Exciting classes on offer include Data Analysis, Soft Skills, and Entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for something a bit more rigorous, they also created a MicroMasters program that entails a series of graduate-level courses that you take to earn credentials in a specific career field. 


(*Teachers must be citizens in the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand)
Outschool is a great online platform to teach kids a new curriculum. For teachers, it offers access to its community of learners, a secure online payment system, and integrated video chat messaging to seamlessly deliver your class. It’s a fantastic opportunity to turn your Intro to IR class into a fun short-course for kids. It would certainly be a great way to brush up your pedagogical skills!

Duolingo (Download the app on your smartphone)

Duolingo is a beautifully designed language app that packs a whole lot of technical language know-how into its self-paced modules. At present, it offers 94 different language courses, including 35 for English speakers, and all courses, lessons, and levels are totally free. It is really fun, and we see it as an awesome starter course or supplement to more intensive language studies and practice.

Are you curious about what skills you should develop for your field? Our Ilkmade Experts are here to help. From deciding on which programs are aligned with your goals to creating a career transition plan, we’ve got you covered. Book a free 15-minute consultation here to see how we can support you through the tough decisions.

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